UPDATE: 3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog

Cover photo for 3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress BlogI just wanted to let my followers know that I’ve updated my book, “3 Surefire Ways To Back Up Your WordPress Blog” with new links, grammar fixes and other recommended changes.

It’s available now!  And, if you buy it within the next 48 hours, you can download the same book in pdf format with clickable links for only $3.

You know what? …  I’m feeling generous… How about I discount the book price by $5?

So, you’ll get both the printed book and a downloadable version for two bucks less than the normal price of the book!  (With the discount, the book will cost you $14.95)

Here’s how we’ll do this.

  1. Order the book using this link –>> Buy the book here.
  2. Use the temporary discount code of KPP9RAUD (only good for 48 hours)
  3. Go to my support page and provide your receipt order number
  4. I’ll send you a link to the downloadable version of the same book for only $3.
  5. Make sure to fill out the “Book Updates” form on the download page for free updates to the book!

NOTE: Sorry for the long checkout process.  I’m working on this.  Don’t worry, though, the $3 discount will appear on the final authorization page.

Here’s a link to the book again:

Buy 3 Surefire Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Blog”

That’s all for now!

Keep smiling,


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  1. admin says:

    Make sure to get the orange cover book as it’s newer than the aqua colored one.
    keep smiling,

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