4 Hour Book DVD — Just Arrived!

For those of us who prefer to watch a DVD than to read a book, the 4 Hour Book – DVD Edition has just been released.

The 4 Hour Book - DVD

The 4 Hour Book DVD

Each of the 5 steps of The 4 Hour Book are clearly explained with on-screen demonstrations to make it easier to assimilate for the more visually oriented individuals like me.

If you prefer video over books, then this is the quickest path to learn how to:

1. Come up with a book topic

2. Organized your book into an outline using a FREE outline template

The 4 Hour Book DVD

The 4 Hour Book DVD

3. Speed Write your book using a FREE template.

4. Proof and finalize your manuscript

5. Publish as an e-book ready for Amazon publishing.

Total cost to write and publish a book is under $8!  Barcode, cover, printing, shipping… all included.

Isn’t it time you started making money with what’s inside your head?

Order your DVD today!  (Shipping is via Priority Mail)

The 4 Hour Book Purchase Options

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